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Master the charge in the Way of Kings TD, a mobile online Tower Defense game. Build your hordes, engage in real-time battles worldwide, and defend your King tower against opponents on a unique curved world.

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Show your skills and lead powerful towers in dynamic environments. Join now to guide your hordes, develop unbeatable strategies, and assert your dominance over players globally!


    • Plucky Owl

      Plucky Owl

    • Honored Hammer

      Honored Hammer

    • Chilly Yeti

      Chilly Yeti

    • Ruthless Bull

      Ruthless Bull

    • Honored Javelin

      Honored Javelin

    • Spiked Head

      Spiked Head

    • Shroom Shaman

      Shroom Shaman

    • Frosty Kid

      Frosty Kid

    • Acidy Kid

      Acidy Kid

    • Blazy Kid

      Blazy Kid

    • Honorable Archer

      Honorable Archer

    • Sand Fist

      Sand Fist

    • Ice Golem

      Ice Golem

    • Fire Golem

      Fire Golem

    • Poison Golem

      Poison Golem

    • Light Lord

      Light Lord

    • Dark Lord

      Dark Lord

    • Fiery Axe

      Fiery Axe

    • Elf Wizard

      Elf Wizard

    • Toxic Snake

      Toxic Snake

    • White Walker

      White Walker

    • Royal Orb

      Royal Orb

    • Chaos Orb

      Chaos Orb

    • Tree Spirit Orb

      Tree Spirit Orb


    • Wolf Rider

      Wolf Rider

    • Noble Warrior

      Noble Warrior

    • Wise Hawk

      Wise Hawk

    • Leaf Wizard

      Leaf Wizard

    • Tiny Toad

      Tiny Toad

    • Saber Tooth

      Saber Tooth

    • Tiny Acolyte

      Tiny Acolyte

    • Huge Toad

      Huge Toad

    • Fairy Dragon

      Fairy Dragon

    • Swamp Giant

      Swamp Giant